Why do I need to post my 911 sign address?


To make it easier for our Fire, Sheriff, Ambulance, Deliveries, and friends to find you. 

You might have your address on your home or fence but at night our signs reflect in the headlights so no one has to search for your address. And in an Emergency every second counts.

Help us make it easier for everyone to find you by purchasing your "911" sign  today.

You may click the blue bottom  to print an order form. Fill it out and bring down to the Admin Office.

Cost: $20 for sign only or $40.00 sign, post, and installation. 

Any location out of the Fire District will be $50 to install includes, sign and post.

Don't know your 911 Address, we can Help.

If you do not know your know your 911 address or you want to see if the county ever issued you one or changed it. Just bring us your parcel number and we will search for you.

911 Application (pdf)